Saturday, November 20, 2021

I Missed The Crazy

I stood out the window watching a whole gaggle of kids run around my front yard. I had invited them inside, but they barely acknowledged me when I offered. They were too busy talking, giggling, telling stories. I could feel my heart swell at the sight in front of me. The only acknowledgement I received, was when a child poked her head inside and asked if I could bring the dog out to them, followed by, "we haven't done this since Covid."

The words struck me. We haven't. My kids have been homeschooled since March 2020. There are no more after school shenanigans to look forward to. I barely recognized the kids that stood in front of my eyes. These kids, groups of siblings and all friends, have known each other since 2013, when the oldest boys walked into kindergarten together. They've forged a friendship that has withstood elementary school, middle school, and a pandemic. It brought siblings and our families together. Now, they're grown. They didn't want me to hear the conversations they were having (nor did I really want to). My eyes stung at the excitement my children showed upon their unexpected arrival after school.

I've missed these kids around my house. I've missed mid-day calls about where the kids were supposed to be after school and who is picking up. I've missed having them lounge around my house and hearing about their lives. I've missed the crazy, I really, really have. I have no idea when exactly our homeschooling journey will end, but I'm looking forward to returning to our village soon.