Friday, November 19, 2021

Giant Leaf Piles


Leaves, leaves, everywhere! They blew into our house the minute we opened the door. And this is the reason to have kids: so they can do the raking. Of course, they didn't get raked and put into bags. They were raked into a giant leaf pile for jumping. Somehow, they talked their neighbor friends into raking with them. Judging by the squeals and laughter we heard coming from the yard all of Sunday evening, it seems they didn't even mind raking, let alone raking in the dark. The kids have then spent the week jumping, flipping, rolling, and cartwheeling their way into the giant leaf pile. Even daycare got in on the fun.

I would love to tell you that the sun goes down early now and that's why kids are jumping in the leaves after dark. In reality, it was 9 p.m. after a night of dance classes and their neighbor friends were anxiously waiting for the minis to get back so they could jump!

We seem to have lost shoes, coats, and a pair of socks while jumping. Socks aren't pictured because they were lost in the leaf pile.

If you ask my children, they say the leaf pile will be there until it snows. If you ask me, the leaf pile will be mulched up and spread on the side of our house soon(ish). It has yet to be determined what will happen or how long this giant leaf pile will last.