Monday, November 15, 2021

A Target Fairytale

Once upon a time, there was a mother. She would spend her days with children, who would be attached to her all day long. She cooked, cleaned, did super fun activities with the children, and made sure each day had the same routine. These days were hard. Her outlet was when her business closed for the day, her husband came home from work, and she roamed the aisles of Target aimlessly. Multiple times a week. It was pretty much her hobby. As the children got older, her life became busier, so those Target trips became infrequent. Many weekends, she would brave the retail world and take her children shopping with her. One day, a pandemic struck, essentially killing all in-store roaming she did. It was all pick ups and deliveries. She was forced to find new outlets. It was hard at first, but her bank account thanked her.

Twenty months after the pandemic began, she found herself bravely saying, "okay, let's make a family trip to Target." And they did. They roamed each and every aisles. They got items on their list such as toilet paper and cat litter. They even bought Christmas presents. Then, they got carried away. When she went to unpack the sacks after their little Target outing, she found things such as a decorative pillow that matches nothing in their house, scented sand (what the hell???), bath bombs (no one in the house takes baths), Gingerbread cookie mix (that exactly one person in their household will eat), some fun little stamp things (at least, she thinks that's what it is), and some kind of candle.

It's at this point she realized her mistake. She should have never asked her family to come with her on this special outing. Because somewhere between vacuums and new hair clips that no one needs, they forgot the number one thing on the list: bread for lunches.  But that's the thing about shopping at Target with five people. It's not just her throwing random shit into the cart, but four others as well. So now, she will have to find the time to walk back into the store to get the bread she wants and will walk out $200 poorer with no bread. Going back to in-store shopping at Target will likely be her undoing. There is no end to this fairytale, just an empty bank account and a husband who has to remind her they need zero new doormats.