Tuesday, November 16, 2021

The Scene Of An Almost Crime

Imagine laying in bed at 11 p.m. on a Sunday night. Ready for bed, relaxed, when all of a sudden there's odd, loud pounding noises from INSIDE your house. That's exactly the scenario that went down Sunday night. It was scary, every loud noise made since has made me jumpy, but it wasn't anything to be scared about.

Sunday night played out as it usually does. Showers, prep for the week, cleaning, kids in bed later than planned. Lights went off and Hubs and I laid in bed watching the news. Slightly off topic, but it's my favorite newscast of the week, so I always stay up late on Sunday nights to watch the news. The house was quiet and dark. Suddenly, we heard pounding. Loud pounding that echoed throughout the house. We sat up, switched the TV off, and listened. 

Our house is far from big. Coming in at just over 2,000 square feet total, it's fairly easy to tell what is happening and where. This time however, we couldn't pin point the noise. My husband urged me to stay quiet and take a moment to listen before jumping to conclusions, but that's not quite my style. I flung myself, loudly, down the stairs shouting, "who's there??!!!" I quickly flicked on the lights in my path as I ran myself around the house, checking kids, and animals. I grabbed an umbrella at some point, figuring I could jam it into whoever decided to enter our home. 

The noise continued, but we couldn't find a door ajar, broken windows, or any other possible entrance disturbed. What was going on?? After searching the entire house, we located where the noise was coming from. Under the bathroom cabinet. At this point, I had a pretty good idea of what was happening, so I wasn't exactly surprised when I wildly opened the bathroom cabinet under the sink, to find one of our cats trapped underneath. 

She meowed and slowly pranced her way out of the cabinet. My husband stood in stock, while I manically laughed as my heart rate came down. Every time the cat pushed against the cabinet door, in an attempt to free herself, it would rattled the contents underneath the sink as well, which hit against the pipes. In turn, that created an echo effect all over the house, which is why we couldn't pinpoint the source. 

To sum the story up: our cat trapping herself in our bathroom cabinet was the cause of us nearly dialing 911 for an almost crime that wasn't even committed. I'm not letting my cat forget this one.