Wednesday, November 3, 2021

Busy Weeknights

A quick car dinner in a parking lot.

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday. Usually by the time we get to Thursday I can breathe a little bit more than the beginning of our week. Monday - Wednesday nights are shuttling kids back and forth from dance classes, grocery pick ups, and random errands. This week I get to include Thursday in the insanity mix since I have meetings all night long. 

It hasn't been terrible, simply a lot of time in the car, which doesn't bother me since I'm home all day. However, Tuesday was a whole new ballgame. The night went as such: make my kids dinner for afternoon snack due to an insanely early dance class (that lasts all night until pretty much bedtime), close daycare, dance class drop off immediately following closing, pick up groceries, vote, grab a quick dinner, eat in the car in the dance studio parking lot, dance pick up, come home and do all of the usual things to get ready for the next day. No time for a breather from the day, no time to really think. I had to look at my To Do List that morning and game plan for the evening. One wrong move and voting wouldn't be able to happen or a kid wouldn't get picked up on time. I was surprised I got to eat dinner at a reasonable hour! I was convinced I'd be ordering a pizza at 10 p.m.

Tuesday was so busy that as I see I only have one child to take to one dance class tonight, I view it as a relaxing night. If I play my cards right, get a shower in before dance drop off, I could (maybe) be in bed by 9 a.m. and watch a show or two before crashing. This is what adult goals look like.