Monday, November 1, 2021

Halloween Weekend

Between dropping kids off, picking them up, chaperoning, and being available for anything the kids needed throughout the weekend, the only thing I really wanted to do was log some hiking miles in. I pulled the minis away for a bit on Saturday for a quick hike, while on Sunday I did door drops for city council candidates in Windsor Heights. Both were gorgeous days thankfully! Otherwise, the minis got to have all the fun this weekend. I was painfully made aware of why parents of older kids seem boring--they make us that way!

The youngest two minis helped plan a Halloween party with neighborhood friends. They went trick or treating themselves, they spent the night with friends, etc. Hubs and I had to sit at home in case they needed something (or they walked too far trick or treating and wanted a ride back...this scenario nearly played out). We did help to supervise their party for a bit and got to have a drink or two with neighbors, but that was seriously our weekend. The kids had to the plans, the adults just exsisted in their world.

Our hike at Ledges State Park was phenomenal! Fall colors were in full swing and the park wasn't nearly as crowded as it was on our last visit. The minis got to do some climbing too!

The oldest skipped trick or treating. Instead he watched scary movies and had a sleepover with friends. The youngest two decided to go trick or treating at the last minute, then got to have a Halloween party and sleepover after trick or treating. Needless to say, we had a bad case of Halloween hangovers on Sunday.

We had maybe two hours of our Sunday where I wasn't busy and a kid wasn't sleeping. We took time to put together our ofrenda and prep for Dia de los Muertos.