Wednesday, November 17, 2021

Giant Pizza Fiasco

This is one of those things I won't soon forget. This is almost as good as the time my husband accidentally bought our daughter diamond earrrings as her very first pair of earrings (read that story here). Much like the earrings fiasco, I left my husband to order pizza. Alone. From a brand new restaurant. I gave my input as to what pizza should be ordered, but I had no hand in the actual ordering.

I didn't think much about it when he said, "this is really expensive pizza." We were ordering from a new, local pizza place. I didn't think it would be cheap, but I never once looked at the menu myself, so I just kind of shrugged it off.

40 minutes after hitting the submit button to their online ordering, our pizza arrived. As with most deliveries, my husband met the delivery person on the front porch, so we could avoid a possible dog escape. Once again, I wasn't paying attention to anything going on other than giving the stay command to the dog. 

As my husband tried to fit through the door, I noticed him coming in backwards, saying, "help! I can't fit through the door." I instantly thought he was messing with me.

"Stop fucking around and get in," I replied, doing the bare minimum to help and just opened the door wider for him. I saw him manuevering the pizza boxes sideways, not thinking anything of it. It wasn't until he was fully inside that I took a good look at the pizza box he was holding. I started chuckling, but within seconds I was on the floor, tears in my eyes, laughing at his ordering mistake.

He clearly paid no attention to the sizes of the pizzas he was ordering. Our 'large' cheese pizza for the kids was 2ft x 2 ft. Our medium pizza was the size of an x-large pizza and the breadsticks were the size of a small cheese pizza. The ordering goof wasn't the only thing that had me rolling. I was working away on my computer when the delivery driver showed up, my husband watching the news in a dark living room, while the kids were playing at the neighbor's house (waiting to be called home for dinner). I'm sure the driver had to think he was delivering to a party or gathering with the amount of food he was carrying. Instead, he pulled up to a dark, quiet house, likely walking away thinking, "how much do these people eat??" Of course, all that food fed us and daycare for two days, so it wasn't bad. Simply hilarious, is more like it.