Sunday, November 28, 2021

Harrison's Wish List

Sunday's are our chores day. We deep clean the house, prep for the week, all of that not so fun stuff that we attempt to make fun each and every week. On this particular Sunday, I found myself deep cleaning the school room (in the basement). The minis were off dusting and were to meet me in the school room to help out when they were done. I was enjoying the quiet when I looked down and saw the words Wish List at the top. 

I instantly recognized the middle mini's handwriting and held my breath as I read on. I fully expected a list of all the toys he could ever want. Instead, I found myself reading his bucket list. Not a wish list, but his bucket list. I giggled to myself when I read them. Things like 'Go to Universal Studios when I'm 13' stuck out to me because I know it's so he can go to Horror Nights and how he wants to get a character in an online game they play. The list is sweet and full of goals, dreams big and small. I'm glad I caught a glimpse of them (even though he tells me these things often). I hope one day he can look back on this list and either laugh at it or feel pride for accomplishing some of it.