Monday, November 15, 2021

Thirsty Thursdays


Okay, so I remember in my early twenties there was a bar that had Thirsty Thursday's. This would feature cheap drinks and specials. I spent many a Thursday night there enjoying the scenes. Now, my Thursdays look like this:

Our turkey made it's annual appearance. This thing has been through the ringer. It's survived being left outdoors in the rain after our Going On A Turkey Hunt activity. It's survived being burnt by a lightbulb after a child threw it in the top of the lighted ceiling fan (without my knowledge). It's been chewed on, puked on, probably pooped on. The fact that it has survived 6+ years in this house is a miracle. Thankfully, it was up for a few rounds of the Find It Game on this Thursday.

I can't get over how adorable they look in the breezeway, hiding their eyes while the turkey is being hidden.

After playing the Find It Game for a good while and a quick dance party, we put on the new Clifford movie and had peppermint cocoa cookies. The kids had a choice between hot chocolate and apple cider. 

The homeschool kids didn't want to miss the movie. I told them that was fine, but they had to get the To Do List done. One moved her studies around so she could fully enjoy the show, while another chose to do art class while watching.

A fun day required a fun night of giant pizza and a game night.

Even though I always seem to have a child in my arms, the dog would like a little reassurance he hasn't been forgotten.