Monday, November 22, 2021

Back At The Theater

 It's crazy to think something that we once did regularly is now a big deal. Although we can say that about many things since we've entered the pandemic. We've slowly, oh so slowly, began doing regular, often times mundane things that were once our normal. Last weekend we added in-store shopping (read about that here). This weekend we added in going to a movie theater.

The minis were sooooo excited. We didn't go to their favorite theater because it's also a restaurant and we haven't braved indoor dining quite yet (although it is coming very soon!). However, they were so excited to see Eternals and enjoy popcorn from a movie theater that in the end, they didn't care where they watched the movie at. 

After 23 months, they were back to watching a movie in the theater. I stayed home with the dog thanks to a migraine, so I have yet to enjoy the theater experience again. I must say, I feel like we were slightly spoiled being able to watch a newly released film from our own sofas for the bargain price of $20 or $30. Doing things in public again feels slightly foreign. I need to work up a tolerance to be around a large number of people, yet it's refreshing to do things out in public once again. My sweat pants were getting quite the workout in for a good long time!