Tuesday, November 23, 2021

The Grossest Science Experiment Of My Life

I've done many experiments in my life as a daycare provider and now homeschool mom. I've dissected frogs more than I've ever cared to, as well as worms, cockroaches, cicadas, not to mention random other things like rotton leaves, plants, etc. I've had soda explode on me during our geyser experiments, I've had a watermelon explode in my face. I could go on, but you get the picture. I'm not new to this experiment thing. But the one we just did takes the cake as the grossest experiment we've ever done.

While the middle mini was learning about bacteria and viruses for science, I decided to buy Agar plates so we could grow our own bacteria by testing just how clean our house is. I have done these plates once years ago when the bigs were the littles and I was teaching them about the importance of hand washing. I don't remember them being so gross!

As it turns out, our house and mouths are pretty clean. After one week, the floors and our mouths barely grew bacteria, which means we do a great job cleaning the floors and brushing our teeth. Unfortunately, the mini's fingers were appalling and my husband is NOT allowed to wear his work boots anywhere near our house!

The minis are thrilled that we have several leftover plates, so we get to do this experiment again by testing differen things such as ocean water, toys, and whatever else they choose.