Monday, November 22, 2021

Last Week At Daycare


Last week provided plenty of fun with giant leaf piles for jumping, new walkers, funny sayings, sensory activities, and fun homeschool lessons.

The pumpkin spice salt dough served two purposes for the week. It gave us our play dough to play with all week long and at the end of the week, it was used in our keepsake project (more on that later). Salt dough can be tricky. It can be sticky, too dry, and it doesn't always keep well. I've found putting it in sealed baggies and adding a pinch of flour each day is a good way to keep it and keep it from drying out.

The leaf pile was a hit! Read about it here.

To tell the littles prefer big kids to me: when a one year old walks across the room for the first time just to get to the nine year old! Luckily, the bigs LOVE the littles and love to help with them, so everyone is happy. Including me, who appreciates the break!

This kid nailed my how I was feeling perfectly when she told me to be quiet, covered herself completely, and instantly fell asleep at nap time!

The dog likes to "help" with meal times, especially with the littles because they drop food all of the time!

I was readying the keepsake projects. As I was cutting their hand prints out, a child declared excitedly, "I'm going to tell my mom you cut our hands!" He wasn't wrong exactly, but I did have to mention what was actually  happening at pick up times. I find it absolutely hilarious when kids say something like this because it's completely out of context. I know all parents have had moments where they have no idea what their kid is talking about and if they need to be concerned. My other favorite line from the week was as they used the play dough tools, one child announced, "I'm going to tell my mom and dad I can use knives at daycare!" Again, child wasn't wrong, but is missing the information about play dough knives

Homeschool got to put their knowledge about mass, density, force, energy, etc. to the test. The oldest helped them with their experiment and figuring out the mass and density of the cars. This was one of those activities where there was all kinds of learning plus exercising leadership skills and how to share their ideas with one another.