Tuesday, November 30, 2021

Thanksgiving Weekend

It may have been a five day weekend, but gosh, it was busy! Well, more so we had a BUSY Wednesday and Thursday, a busy Friday morning, lost all steam Friday afternoon, evening, and Saturday, and then a busy Sunday. Wednesday we spent morning until evening at my parent's house prepping food for our Thanksgiving meal. My mom currently has an injured foot and can't spend a lot of time on it, but the minis were eager to help cook the meal. Read more about what all they made for our Thanksgiving meal and desserts here.

Wednesday morning was actually a really stressful time. Our second vehicle had an unexpected flat tire, so Hubs had to take my car. That would usually be fine, except I needed my car that day, which means we quickly had to formulate our plan to get me my vehicle in his work day. This was done at 4 a.m. At that point I was up for the day and then spend my day running all around. It didn't end up being terrible, simply tiring.

I am beyond proud of this kid. Not only is he always his most authentic self and happy 99% of the time, but he spent nearly all of his break cooking and baking, reading recipes, finding them, creating shopping lists for me, and considering it all fun.

A quick walk for the doggos resulted in lots of laughs.

Thursday we spent cooking side dishes, watching the parade, eating lunch at my parent's house, and having dessert with my husband's side of the family. The oldest mini got to spend the night before Thanksgiving with a friend, so our morning was a tad quieter than what it usually is. A highlight of the day for the kids was running around in the dark playing hide n' seek with their cousins. All it took was a pandemic to remind us how much we need to cherish those little things because they were sorely missed last year!

The kids got Christmas jammies, while my sister and I got a seltzer countdown to Christmas. I'm super excited to dig into this on Wednesday! Meanwhile, we watched our favorite Friends Thanskgiving episode after our large meal because nothing says Thanksgiving like The One Where Ross Got High.

Friday we rummaged through storage and got out all of our holiday decorations after we spent the morning baking (again). By afternoon time, I was beat and the Christmas movies came on. We kept our tradition of decoration a giant gingerbread man (this year a sugar cookie girl), but the rest of the day was relaxing. 

Saturday was very much an errand and shopping day. We got all new outfits and accessories for our upcoming holiday trip, finished up some Christmas shopping, got the oil changed, put a brand new tire on the second vehicle, went car shopping (because of course we would need a new second vehicle at the moment), and ended the day with more Christmas movies. There was a little bit of an issue at the beginning of the day when the oldest didn't want to leave the house to go shoe and pants shopping (pictures of him crying below). I wasn't feeling the best, so he and I stayed home the first half of the day, napped, and walked the dog. 

This meant that Sunday was our deep cleaning, chores, decorating, and prepping day. The kids made time for art class once they found wooden nutcrackers and Christmas decorations that needed painting. Plus, they painted our holiday window as well. Between a massive toy rotation in the daycare area, cleaning, helping the kids in the kitchen off and on (because let's face it, they spend more time in there these days than I do), and getting homeschool things ready for the week, I was exhausted by Sunday evening. As the oldest mini said, "I ready for Thanksgiving break to be done because I'm tired of it." I have to say, I understand that feeling completely.

Art class on Sunday means our week is less hectic because we don't have to fit it into our regular school day.