Monday, November 1, 2021

Halloween Hangovers

 The day after trick or treating features the inevitable Halloween Hangovers. When they were toddlers and younger kids, it would be plagued with tantrums, meltdowns, and trying to get still-on-a-sugar-high kids to nap. It was somewhat of a disaster. I kind of hated it, to be honest. Last year we clearly didn't have Halloween Hangovers because, well 2020 (read about that here). But this year was all kinds of hangovers.

Hangovers for the adults who had a few beers while hanging out with neighbors and supervising the kid's Halloween party. Sugar hangovers for the kids who ate candy all night. Lack of sleep hangovers from not sleeping at their sleepovers. Luckily, it wasn't a rough day for anyone. More of a quiet day filled with movies and naps. Two kids ate more candy and fell asleep on the couch while watching A Quiet Place 2, the middle mini curled up in bed and slept the day away. I made it until about 4 p.m. before needing a quick pick-me-up nap to last me until bedtime.

Those Halloween hangovers are tough. My advice to all parents: have nothing planned the day after trick or treat. Even if you don't have beers or run around the streets with your children, somehow you'll still feel like you've been hit by a truck mid-day. It happens every year. Until next year, Halloween hangovers! Thanks for a memorable one!

There's a kid under those blankets.

Notice the smudged make up on her face, red lipstick wound up everywhere. I think she may ace the bar scene someday.

He got halfway through the day before noticing his pants were on backwards. Not one of his friends or siblings noticed. I took mom pointing it out and making him put his pants on the right way.