Sunday, September 26, 2021

Lovely, Boring Day Dates

 We may have started the day at a Pancake Day Festival (read about that here), but when we returned to Des Moines, we dropped the minis at my parents, left the dog for a bit, and had a late day date. We had plenty of options: Oktoberfest, a movie, fancy dinner, mingolfing, a night out with friends. Instead, we (and by we, I definitely mean me) went for the wonderfully relaxing, boring date.

We sat on a El Bait Shop's patio in the shade and ate a leisurely late day lunch/early dinner, sipped drinks, and chatted. We people watched since we were downtown and enjoyed the music from the nearby Oktoberfest. We made a trip to Target, grabbed paletas from Monarca, watched episodes of Evil, and took an after dark walk around Grey's Lake.

Yes, I got pictures with my dog, who you can barely see because he's as dark as the night around us. There are zero pictures of my husband and I together. Oops!

Peaceful, simple, restful, perfect. At one point in my life, I would have felt sorry for couples like my husband and I. Now I get it.