Monday, September 27, 2021

Not A Decoration In Sight

Halloween decorations from fall 2014. This year, our house isn't looking spooky or fall-like.

By this point in the year, our Halloween and fall decorations have easily been up since the first weekend in September. Pumpkin patches, homemade applesauce, arts and crafts, fall hikes, star gazing, and drives through the countryside are the first things on our lists each year. This isn't a typical year though. This year, the minis and myself won't be home to enjoy the usual fall festivities at home. We'll be living out of suticases and arriving home just in time for trick or treating with friends (providing that happens this year). 

Since we aren't going to be around to enjoy them, I did the most logical thing I could think of: I skipped Halloween and fall decorating. My house seems odd. With our recent heat wave (90 degrees this week) and the zero orange and black decorations adorning my house, I haven't quite gotten into the fall spirit. I'm still enjoying tank tops, flip flops, and fruity summer beers. Usually I'm sipping spiked apple cider at this point.

I never realized how simple decorations helped me switch gears. I don't miss the decorations, although I do miss the activities we usually have planned. I'm more than positive our travel plans will make up for the things we're missing out on, but I still can't embrace fall. Maybe when we're hiking amongst colorful trees and crispy weather I'll get into it. I can also see me returning home at the end of October and going into a frenzied decorating mode just for Halloween Day. 

Until that moment, don't expect to see decorations at our house or me embracing all things fall.