Tuesday, September 14, 2021

Shit I've Had To Say

After 10 1/2 years of daycaring, I've seen it all. I've said even more. With some of the shit, I've had to say throughout the years, I'm rarely surprised by any of it anymore. Of course, I've had some new ones I've had to say in the last week and a half. I figured I'd share for your entertainment and my "never forget" bank. 

"Oh, we don't suck on our friend's mask, okay."

"Let's keep our plates to ourselves."

Kid: "I don't understand this." Me, scratching my head at the third grade directions: "I don't either."

"My book is telling me there's male and female plants. It would be so much easier if I cold like look at their parts on the outside and see it."

"They have those???!!?" In regards to me telling my nine year old that the concert we're going to is indoors. I realized her reaction was because we have only ever taken them to outdoor concerts. She was shook.

And the clear winner:

"It's okay. Everyone poops differently. Everyone poops in their own way."