Sunday, September 19, 2021

Touch A Truck Event

 This weekend was everything. It was months of hard work that I put my precious time and efforts into. The Des Moines Children's Museum held our first event since January 2020 and I got a front row seat to it all. I don't write a lot about my contributions as a board member and events committee co-chair for the Des Moines Children's Museum because, quite frankly, it hasn't got my full attention for the last year. My thoughts, time, and effort went into surviving a pandemic. However, this past spring, the board decided an outdoor event could be pulled off. With the help of an amazing group of people, we put on an amazing event.

I am passionate about kids and giving them what they need to excel. My passion aligns directly with the Museum's mission and values, which is exactly why it's important to me to continue to put my time and effort in. This event was a comeback of sorts and getting our name back out into the community, so we can continue to grow. 

This event involved a lot of details, sooo many emails, drawing maps, coordinating big trucks, planning, and sending more emails. As I sat yesterday in the hot, early afternoon sun, I got to enjoy the fruits of my labor. All of that work was worth it! I get to take my ideas, some of the very ideas the children in my daycare get to enjoy, and make them come to life on a larger scale. It was perfect!