Friday, January 1, 2021

A Writing A Day


I predict puzzles will be a big part of winter 2021

2020 gave me time. I was able to do things I never found the time to do. It pulled me out of my comfort zone so many times and for that, I'm a better person going into 2021. When March 13 rolled out, also known as the day the world changed, I began keeping a journal. I wrote nearly every day until the middle of June. Writing has always been an outlet for me, so it would make sense that it got me through some tough months. Of course, by June, I was busy with summer daycare and a new puppy (just like having another kids, fyi). Then, it was worrying about school for the minis. Then, it became worrying about homeschooling. Then, I was concerned how I would possbily run a business or two AND homeschool? Then, I became engrossed in homeschooling. Writing and journaling took a backseat. This blog has served as my children's baby books, recounting every special moment in our family and their lives. I have failed to put much of this year on the blog because it's in my journals. I don't regret much in my life, but that is one I do.

Much like I do every year, after Thanksgiving, I began my list of goals for 2021. Something that I learned in 2020, I no longer have specific goals for the year. Instead, I have broad goals, but goals that add to my life. I want simple and attainable, since I know 2021 is an uncertain year. I know I could write a goal or hope to spend time with friends and family, but I also am aware that we may not have mastered how to do that safely. I can wish for live music and concerts to return and our favorite events. But I'm not convinced we're ready for them. What I can have goals for myself that help me grow and be a better person and parent.

  • Continue to give, help others, and give back to the community. Let my children see me do this. Stock food pantries.
  • Continue to explore and adventure, even if it's our own backyard. We've learned to build and grow things in our backyard. I learned to use a chainsaw and live without electricity for 5 days thanks to a derecho. I also learned how to take a completely impromptu road trip with three kids and a puppy when the lack of electricity got to be too much. That week will forever be etched in my mind as the scariest, luckiest, random, and funnest week I may have ever had...all thanks to a derecho. We built a fence (and then watched as the puppy jumped that fence), we grew butter lettuce and enjoyed salads every day for lunch, we also grew plenty of other vegetables that would have fed us too if that same puppy didn't eat them or destroy them first, and we rescued baby oppossums that fell from the tree during the derecho.
  • And the biggest goal....write every day. Even if it's a simple short musing or the day's fun activity. Not only will this be a personal challenge and force me to find me time to do this, it will also help keep my mind in focus.