Tuesday, January 12, 2021

Homeschool Fun Playlist

 Everything gets a playlist here. Every road trip, moods, days, seasons, etc. It's only natural to assume the minis made a homeschool playlist as well. So far, it's pretty short. The minis are in a music discovery phase--they've been listening to all types of music, from all decades, in all languages. I love it. Of course, as a result, they haven't commited to putting too many songs on their homeschool playlist. Here are the songs they've picked (so far) for our Homeschool Fun Playlist.

We use Amazon Music for our music needs. It works great since we all have Echo's in bedrooms, school rooms, and daycare rooms. I love seeing all of the country music they chose for the list. Last spring and summer, they got into watching Garth Brooks and Trisha Yearwood do their online concerts/singing sessions. All summer long they listened to country music. Before that they rarely listened to country music. Another favorite on the list is Precious Love. I binged Schitt's Creek in the fall and they happened to overhear that song on an episode I was watching (in the next room). One mini came into the room and asked about the song. The next day it was on the list. It's refreshing to go away from our usual Beatles, Lumineers, or oldies songs. I'm eagerly waiting for them to put MORE songs on this playlist because so far we just listen to it on repeat most days!