Thursday, January 14, 2021

Thursday Thoughts


Getting ready for a meeting; December 2020. Yes, that's a seltzer sitting on the keyboard.

I had a meeting Tuesday night. A virtual meeting, but any kind of meeting has been few and far between for me the last 10 months. Life has slowed down considerably for me/us. At first, I wasn't a fan. Then I began to enjoy our commitment free life. So, when that meeting popped up, I had a taste of what nearly every single weeknight was for us pre-Covid. I was beginning to forget.

I threw a quick dinner of burrito bowls together as daycare closed. I gave the minis instructions about feeding themselves, feeding the dog, and then I showered and hopped on my meeting. It was a quick meeting, but my 9 p.m. I was tired for my long day. I sat on the couch and watched a mindless episode of something or other. It made me realize that I'll need to have a heart to heart with myself in the coming weeks and months.

Do I want the busy schedule we once had? Or do I want the slow(er) life? I feel more accomplished when I'm doing things, but not living life out of our calendar for fear of forgetting something important, is not something I'm ready to commit to again. It's been more freeing than I imgained.

Thoughts on post-Covid life makes me uncertain. I knew for sure how I wanted life to look pre-Covid, but the last 10 months have changed that. I can't be alone in those thoughts.