Monday, January 25, 2021

A Couple of Quiet Weekends


I knew this month was going to be tough. January is always a hard month for our adventurous souls. The weather usually keeps us indoors and home more than we prefer. We're home and indoors far more in a pandemic January than even the usual January! To get us out a bit, we stopped for breakfast one Saturday at Scornavacca's, coffee, a quick Target run, lunch (you can read about our foodie day here), and then home for a day of Marvel movies and board games.

Do your Target runs include Pokemon cards?

Is SOMEONE eating???!!?

Science on Sunday. Me: "Elizabeth, are you okay? Why are you crying?" Elizabeth: "I don't know, I think I just need a cry." So, she had a laughing crying. No reason, just needed to happen. She went on to smash science AND the get spoon on her Multiplication Sundae (she has to complete 40 multiplication problems in under 1 minute. She completed her 0's, 1's, and 2's).

The minis were so excited to help set up "new" toys for the week because then they can be the first to play with them!

Our Friday night's consist of WandaVision (on Disney+), dinner, and drinks. On this night, it also included a talk about puberty (read about that here) and a certain mini staying up until after 10 p.m. because she, "isn't tired yet. I just want to talk."

I wanted to do a day trip to a State Park in eastern Iowa, but staying in the city won out. We walked around Gray's Lake and Water Works Park and had a Zoom call with family.

Danger! Danger! There's STATUES. Statues get him every time.

Sunday morning, 8:15 a.m. and there's a hole in the wall. From the dog's tail....or a kid's knee. No one is really sure, but there's no missing the hole.

There's always two helpers in our kitchen. Sometimes more.

Mom surprised everyone with a box of chocolates in our grocery order...and mom didn't get any.

The Nintendo came out for a couple of hours of play.

Hot chocolate with hot chocolate ice cream. Kind of counter productive if you ask me, but the minis approved.

So much football yesterday.