Saturday, January 2, 2021

Christmas Weekend


Christmas weekend was unlike any other Christmas weekend. There were no family gatherings, plenty of Zoom calls, so many Legos, homemade cooking made by US for the very first time ever. We spent our four day weekend at home. It was Christmas, but it didn't completely feel like Christmas.

Any other year, Christmas Eve Day would be spent wrapping presents and getting ready for a big celebration. Christmas Eve would be spent at my aunt's house with family, eating homemade Mexican food, laughing, talking, drinking, opening presents, followed by looking at Christmas lights on our way home. It's become one of my favorite nights of Christmas celebrating, but of course, we couldn't get together this year. Instead, we all met at my aunt's house to exchange gifts out in the snow (despite it being less than 20 degrees outside!). Then, we all went to our separate homes, got on Zoom, and opened gifts, chatted, and had as close to a Christmas party as we could have. It wasn't the same, but it was still fun and special. 

The minis spent Christmas Eve morning making cards to go with our Christmas presents. I happened to look over to see the dog watching me as I ate and the cat watching the dog with intense distain. It made me laugh, just as the middle mini's card did.

This year, WE were in charge of the homemade cooking. For cooking pork and chili, homemade salsa, and sopa for the first time, it turned out pretty good! My parents dropped off tamales, salsa, chicharrones, and conchas to go with our meal later that night. 

All presents wrapped (minus the Santa gifts) and all surprises pulled off! 

The only time we got to see family. I'm thankful it was outside and masked because we are now in quarantine since we had contact with a positive person. I could focus on how I wasn't able to see or hug my family, but instead I'm focusing on how much the oldest mini has grown--he's as tall as my cousin now!

Zoom and presents. As always, Zoom is 

Dinner before we opened up family gifts. Everything was delicious!

Board games and puzzles to keep us plenty busy this winter!

This was probably my favorite thing: I opened up this Little People set from my aunt (to go with our Little People collection) and Zeus, who watched the kids play with these toys all day every day at daycare, got super excited about the new toy. He grabbed it from me, set it on the floor, and pushed it around with his nose! He completely thought (and thinks) this toy is for him.

This was our most relaxing Christmas Eve to date. I was organzied by having all gifts wrapped and since we had nowhere to go, we were to listen to Christmas music, relax, and the minis were able to play with all of their new toys. While they loved all of their new gifts, the new Lazer Tag game kept us moving and screaming in an epic game before bed! 

Christmas Day was much the same: the minis woke up around 7:30 a.m., opened gifts, then played all day, while Hubs and I cooked. Our Christmas Days are usually quiet, so that wasn't too different for us. Except, we usually have a stream of visitors that stop by for a drink, or a quick bite from our charcuterie tray, or a laugh. That was missed, but it was still a nice day for us.
Holding their "Santa" gifts, yawns and all. They may not believe in Santa anymore, but they still requested Santa gifts and for us to not wrap them.

Tragedy struck Christmas Eve morning: the dog ate our pickle ornament into pieces! However, the very top was still there and I was able to hang that part on the tree. The minis searched and searched, but couldn't find where I had hidden it. They agreed the oldest would open the first gift (that was to be determined by whomever found the pickle ornament first). After they were done opening gifts, they went back to the tree to search for the pickle and the oldest found it. The minis couldn't believe they chose the correct mini to open the first gift. I had to laugh at the aburdity of it all....and made note to buy a new pickle ornament for next year!

A new yoga mat because she's taken up doing yoga for gym class.

A gift from my parents and Beaver-Craft Designs.

So. Much. Food. We took over making the Christmas favorites, since we were at home. I made cinnamon roll casserole for breakfast, my grandma's potatoes, ham, a wreath salad, and bread pudding for dessert. We ate so much rich food. My stomach will appreciate the break in January!

Since the basement school room isn't being used for school over break, it's become a Lego room. They've spent MANY hours down there building and playing.

The oldest did his Friends puzzle in under an hour. 

The dog fell asleep for a nap and woke up with his nails painted, thanks to a certain mini receiving nail polish as a gift. Her nails have yet to be painted. Then, she walked around in her flapper girl costume all evening. 
Fun backstory to the costume: in the spring, when we began homeschooling, we learned about the Roaring 20's, the Great Depression, prohibition, etc. This one was obsessed with flapper girls and even wrote a report on them. The minis had big plans to go as the roaring 20's for Halloween (flapper girl and mobsters), but of course, Halloween didn't go as planned. So, she got her costume for Christmas and she's worn it daily since then.

Nothing like day after Christmas Covid all seriousness, the minis and I had possible exposures due to asymptomatic cases (then it became definite exposure). We've been in quarantine most of our Christmas break, but that didn't really have an impact on our weekend because we had no plans. That pretty much sums up 2020!

Mom surprised the family with a new blow up kayak. We had to test it out, moreso to give us practice blowing it up and getting it secure. We can't wait to take this out onto the water in the spring!

We've spent so many days at home that our house is in a constant state of disarray. At least the laundry is clean. While the basement school room is now a Lego room, my dining room table is now a catch all, sensory area, art area, puzzle place, and game playing surface. 

Much like the rest of 2020, Christmas weekend had us slowing down, enjoying what we had right in front of us, being present, and missing our crazy holiday celebration schedule.