Sunday, January 24, 2021

Friday Night School


Our trusty science book comes in handy for everything.

I know I tend to post a lot about how great homeschooling is because you can do it any time and place. Of course, that comes back to bite me in the butt too. Take for example Friday night. It's Friday night and I'm 36 years old. I like to end the week quietly, usually by relaxing, a hot shower, some time to myself, and a drink or two. 

You know what my kids did to me on this Friday night? The middle one pulled a, "Mom, in fifth grade we have to watch a puberty video and we haven't watched one yet." Guess what happened next? I had to watch 40 minutes of YouTube puberty videos. One for boys and one for girls because god forbid we have them learn what happens to BOTH boys and girls. For the record, my kids watched both as it's required to learning in our house.

40 minutes of learning the very basics of puberty, me spending another 30 minutes answering questions that weren't even touched on in the videos, all while my husband noped out of that conversation. And that's how my Friday night went, "doing school," as my three day. Friday night school.


For those curious as to what I had them watched, I went with these videos. I realized in posting these videos, there is also a co-ed one, but I have not viewed that:

I feel strongly that kids need better sex education so they are able to better understand themselves and know their bodies. I am VERY liberal when it comes to sex education and do not shy away from those conversations at all. My youngest was four when she first learned about sex because her eight year old brother had heard a few things. I would rather my children hear about things from me, rather than playground misinformation. 

There is soooo much more to sex education than just the basics of sex. It's important to teach about STD's, protection, birth control, how to take care of yourself, orgasims, what to do if you feel there's a problem, etc. We haven't gotten into every area of sex education yet, but I am prepared for that day and the questions that may come with it. I have to approach the subject differently with each of my kids because I have kids who range from embarrassed to wanting to know every little detail to talking freely and loudly about it.