Wednesday, January 13, 2021

A Winter Weekend


Neal Smith Wildlife Refuge in Prairie City, Iowa.

We're trying to find our balance in our winter weekends. We've lucked out and haven't had extremely cold weather as of yet. Of course, I no longer consider 25 degrees to be "too cold" to be outside, which is why we hiked over two miles on Saturday, in the fog, on a wildlife refuge. There isn't much else to do right now other than be outside or stay home! Other than hiking in the cold, we've mostly been at home. Since we did quite a few puzzles over break, we had a "free" weekend. The minis played with their Lego sets, I wrote, Hubs did some wood working with his new bandsaw (a Christmas present that was finally delivered last week). Nothing special, but I am enjoying my time writing and letting my mind wander.

One of the oldest mini's goals for 2021 was to eat more international foods. We started with Mediterranean food from Opa! Our feast included Greek lasagna, Souvlaki platters, lamb and chicken gyros, and raspberry tiramisu. All of it was wonderful! To be completely honest, I don't eat lamb so I skipped out on trying the dishes with lamb, but everything else was wonderful!

Watching Disney+ on her giant pillow. Just another Saturday morning.

2.2 mile hike on the snowy trail on the prairie. My cheeks were wind burned by the time we were done! We had the trail to ourselves and were reminded, yet again, that hiking in the snow is much more difficult that regular hiking! We love the Tallgrass Loop at the Wildlife Refuge because we often get great views of the bison and elk. The trails are animal friendly as long as they're leashed. 

We felt everyone deserved hot chocolate after that cold hike! We stopped by Smokey Row on our way home, ate dinner, and then I switched to wine while I wrote. It's how most Saturday nights go these days.

Cat snuggles and Lego playin on Sunday. It was a very relaxing, lazy day!

I'm sure next weekend's adventure won't look much different. We're still not going many places or seeing people at the moment. Hopefully the weather continues to be decent because our outside adventures is keeping us going at this point!