Sunday, January 17, 2021

Local Foods Saturday

We've been conscienctious about where we spend our money these days. Sadly, most of our groceries and daycare supplies come from Walmart because it's a one stop shop for everything plus I can opt for pick-up. This takes our local grocery stores out of the running, so when I have a chance to spend my money locally, I go for it. While we've been cooking more at home, we go to local restaurants for carry out.

Now that it's winter, we haven't spent a lot of time going places since we won't go anywhere there's potential for crowds or indoor spaces. To get out of the house a bit Saturday morning, we stopped at places for coffee, breakfast, dessert (for later), lunch, and errands. Sure, errands were fine, but let's talk about this delicious food we got!

Our breakfast included coffee from Twisted Bean (our go-to orders include: a strawberry smooth, Jitterbugs, mochas, and a pup cup of whipped cream) and a variety of yummies from Scornovacca's Bakery. We tried two types of breakfast pizza, a capicola breakfast sandwich, lemon poppyseed loaf squares, love drops, and pepperoni bread (for later). The capicola sandwich was one of my favorite breakfast foods I've ever had!

New Pokemon cards to go with the Jitterbug before lunch.

Pho was on our mind on a chilly day. All Pho You is one of our favorites. We got chicken pho, a bowl, beef pepper steak, beef fried rice, pot stickers, and a bubble tea. We wound up splitting most of the food, since all of us wanted to try a few different things!

This kid LOVES pho!

The minis talked us into eating cupcakes from Scatch for "an afternoon snack." Hubs and I haven't touched ours from being so full!

We were all still full from our earlier in the day foods, so we dug into the pepperoni bread for dinner. The dog was jealous.