Friday, January 15, 2021

Friday Faves

A new wooden figurine made for daycare. We're benefitting from Hub's Christmas present!

So, we haven't been anywhere other than hiking (in the cold) at State Parks in Iowa or at our house, so I don't have any "you should totally try place out!" However, I do have some ideas and things that are keeping us busy as we (slowly) await spring's arrival, so we can spend more time outdoors without freezing our fingers off.

  •  The minis favorite Valentine candy is back! We bought several bags of Cherry Sours in anticipation that they'll go quick!
  • We've been making two new recipes a week in an attempt to order take out less. This stuffed pepper casserole was a hit with nearly every family member. Damn Delicious has some amazing recipes. We're looking forward to try her nacho beef skillet this weekend!
  • The youngest mini so kindly shared her Cra Z Snow from Christmas with daycare and it's been a favorite this week. There was an issue with the kids making the "snow fall" and someone got it in their eyeball, but mostly, it's been a fun sensory activity.
  • Hub's Christmas gift was a Wen Band Saw and well, it's benefitting me just as much as he loves it. While I'm busy drawing up plans for building projects, he decided to make daycare wooden animal figurines. Not only will they make fun toys, but the kids will also get a chance to paint/decorate them. Big points for both a project (for numerous humans) and a new toy.
  • I'm ready to focus on sunny days and warmer weather. That's why I'm already planning our garden. After last summer's garden getting trampled by a new puppy, I've decided raised garden beds are the way to go. The minis will be able to help build them, plant the veggies, and care for them. There are so many plans for raised beds, but I'm digging (pun intended) these plans because of the simplicity.
  • We're super excited for the debut of WandaVision. We're planning Family Friday Nights with a new episode and dinner. 
  • An unexpected day off because of a snow storm. The minis still have homeschool (they're not thrilled with me), but I'm doing it in pajamas and with season 1 of The Crown on the TV.
An empty schedule for our Friday