Sunday, January 3, 2021

What The Hell Do We Do With All of These Boxes?

 "What the hell do we do with all of these boxes?" I asked my husband. Three days later I was building a cardboard box igloo for daycare. 

For some reason, our city only picks up recycling every other week. Since we're kind of freakish about recycling anything allowed, our recycling bin fills up quickly. Even more so during the holidays because every little thing must come wrapped in layers of plastic and boxes. In fact, the kayak I ordered the family literally came in three boxes! 

On Christmas morning, as we sat in the slaughter of opened packages, my husband asked, "what the hell are we going to do with all of these boxes?" My reply was something along the lines of, "I don't know. Keep them until we have room in our recycling, I guess." We asked each other this question over the next few days as we kept adding to the pile. It was really ridiculous. 

Then, I got bored on Saturday. I requested all of the boxes be piled in the daycare room so I could look at them. Usually, looking at something enough gives me ideas. This is both good and bad. In this case, thirty minutes later and already half a roll of tape later, I had the start of an igloo. To think, 24 hours earlier I was going to buy a freaking cardboard house from Oriental Trading (no judging, but I still might)!

So, the next time you're stuck in quarantine and worried about being bored while you look at a pile of boxes, just build an igloo. Pro tip: DO NOT, under any circumstances, let kids and a puppy help or you'll wind up ordering everyone out the room in frustration as packing tape gets tangled in your hair.

I had a few enthusiastic "helpers" throughout the process. Also, I did zero measuring. I eyeballed everything and worked with sizes I had. I wasn't going for perfection because this is bound to be destroyed within a day or two of playing. Plus, I only donated two hours to building this igloo-thing.

The dog thinks this was made for him. I'm not convinced he'll be good about sharing it with the daycare kids either!

We decided to paint it white. I'll be adding white padding and foam to it in the coming days.
We had to block the entrance to keep the furry butt out of it while it dried.