Wednesday, January 27, 2021

Snow Day #2

Snow days used to be busy for me. Parents frantic to find care for their kids when school was cancelled. I've determined that after school closed for three months, parents aren't worried about a single day anymore and choose to keep their kids home. So, I had yet another day off. I didn't have to work (aka: open daycare), but my homeschooled minis still had school, so I wore my teacher hat. We took advantage of the snow and held gym classoutside. We did double social studies, so they could have more free time the next day to spend with their friends (priorities). Otherwise, it wasn't much different for us other than the house was a tad quieter and the streets were snowier.

This one clearly prefers snowy naps followed by long walks in the snow. Luckily, he has three minis eager to bundle up in snow gear and take him on a 1+ mile walk as the snow came down.

Schools announced closings the night before, so I had a pretty good idea that I'd be off the next day. I didn't worry about getting the typical cleaning and organizing done that I do nightly. Instead, I got to enjoy the minis playing with toys they hadn't played with in such a long time and read a book.

Our official total was 12.9 inches of snow in Des Moines, but we definitely had some snow drifts that were over 2 feet high! 

The dog needed a walk, so we worked on measuring snow piles and converting units of measurements for math.

I didn't want to cook a full meal since it was just my kids home. We we threw together a random lunch of cheesy roll ups, broccoli and cauliflower, chips and salsa, and tuna and crackers. The minis were done with school work by lunchtime and were able to spend a couple of hours snowboarding and tubing the unplowed hilly streets in our neighborhood. Someone was jealous he couldn't go too.

The oldest finally got snowboarding down!

After a day of hardwork and playing in the snow, the minis were treated to a Hot Chocolate Board while we watched NCIS.

I used my day off to write Iowa legislators about a new bill (that has me greatly worried) and speaking to health departments about the Covid vaccination (as in, trying to get one or at least schedule an appointment for one. It's all a mess). While I scratched those off my To Do List, these minis sent me this video of them playing on the hills at the schoolyard. That was the best part of my day.