Thursday, January 21, 2021

What's In Your Car?

Packed for a day of exploring: snow pants and snow gear, extra clothes, a potty. Not pictured: all of my must haves that stay in my car at all times.

Day trip Saturdays are probably my favorite. Pack up the car, drive to a local State Park, hike in nearly every kind of weather. We've explored a lot of cool places and happened upon so much more. Of course, half-way through the day I'm usually reaching for my bottle of car Ibuprofen, whether it's because of kids screeching in my ears (which is usually the case) or I managed to hurt my knee hiking (which has happened enoughed). In those moments, I'm instantly grateful that I keep necessities on hand in my car.

When the topic of "must haves in our cars" popped up with a friend, I had to think about what I always keep stocked in my vehicle.

  • tissues
  • a bottle of Ibuprofen
  • extra masks
  • hand sanitizer
  • a gallon of water (a full gallon at all times)
  • a bowl for the dog
  • two blankets (one for humans and one for animals)
  • a compass (in case we lose cell service and we're traveling)
  • spare change (tolls, meters, etc.)

I was mildly entertained by the different things we all keep in our vehicles and for what reason. We all have vastly different needs and how we live our lives are very different. I don't use my car to commute each day for work (wahm life over here), but I DO use it to explore and many outdoor adventures. Which means, most of what I keep in my car fits those needs or what we've discovered we should have on hand. The conversation made me realize I'm missing a big one in my car: Band Aids! How have I never thought about this one before?!? I have them stocked in our hiking backpacks, but not in the car. So, now I'm curious:

What do you keep in your vehicles? Your must haves and/or needs. Please share!