Wednesday, January 20, 2021

4 p.m. Coffee

The book shelf. A common place for my coffee cups to get lost. Mug from Raygun.

A 4 p.m. cup of coffee can equal disaster.

I drink a cup of black coffee every morning. Lately, since our mornings are no longer rushed trying to get out the door, I even get to drink it hot. It's soothing. It's my morning peace in a cup while Gayle King's voice brings me the latest news.  Of course, the exhaustion of school at daycare has left me curled up on the couch by 5 p.m. wondering how I'm going to make it until bedtime (and finish my must do's to get ready for the next day). That cup of coffee a distant thought and the effects of it long worn off.

Tuesday, I was busy, so I had to put off grading/checking over the mini's school work. I had to add that to my must do list, as well as have a "family night" (as if every night wasn't family night) with my people. So, I did it. At 3:55 p.m. I made myself another cup of coffee. This one, I dolled up with coffee creamer and a spoonful of Cool Whip.

That one, glorious cup of late afternoon coffee could have kept me up all night. Instead, I drank half of the cup and then got to talking to parents during pick ups. Then, I started in on cooking dinner. Then, I ate dinner. And the rest of my late afternoon cup of coffee was forgotten. Completely forgotten until the next morning, when I made myself a new cup of coffee and confused myself as to why there were two coffee cups sitting on my shelf next to my chair. I'm lucky I didn't grab the wrong cup.