Tuesday, January 19, 2021

Mental Exhaustion Has Taken Over


I haven't had a simple, regular daycare day since August. It's been school at daycare since the school year began. My days have been demanding, but I failed to realize how mentally exhausting they were until I had a regular ol' daycare day. There was no school for MLK Day and it's pretty easy for me to decide to change up homeschool lessons. I planned a day with toys and activities and fun. Plain and simple fun.

I fed them, make sure everyone is communicating with one another and safe, and then I sat back and took it all in. Not to say that all I did was sit! Daycare days are a lot of work! At the end of the day I was physically exhausted from running room to room, changing out activities, cleaning up activities, cooking, playing referee, climbing on my hands and kneeswith the kids, and so much more. 

I hadn't paid attention to how mentally exhausted I've been since the school year began. My daily work load is a lot to keep straight and I feel it. I feel it so much that my head hurts and my body is tired. After yesterday, a day when I only had to keep track of one schedule, no timers being set to return to classes, no curriculum to cross off, just fun. Still exhausting, but overall fun.

It was the reminder I needed as to why I keep daycare as my full time job. I wholly felt why this job makes me happy. Not to say that I haven't had fun the last several months, but it wasn't the same fun I felt yesterday. I went to bed with every bone in my body happy and ready for the next day. Here's the thing that I realize:

I am doing exactly what I need to be doing at this moment in time. I am content to be fulfilling the needs of others and our own. "School at daycare" may be mentally exhausting, but it is what's needed. Just as needed, was the reminder of why I do what I do in life.

I haven't any tips on how to deal or ways combat mental exhaustion because I feel so very many of us, especially parents, are faced with this same feeling right now. I give myself breaks and daily "time outs," which help. I've simply settled on this is how life is right now and the only way through is to push through, while trying to make the days fun for as many of us as I can.

I was honestly shocked at how much the overall mental exhaustion has affected me. I usually experience some mental tiredness during the school year, between keeping track of my kid's schedules, who needs to be where and when, their overall academic progress, our family schedule, business, etc. At any point life can get exhausting, but this school year is a bit more. Surprisingly, the one thing not exhausting me is keeping track of my own kid's academics. Since I'm in charge of that daily, I have a good handle on where they are and where they need to be at the end of the school year. 

As usual with this time of year, I've very ready for summer vacation to make it's way back.