Saturday, January 16, 2021

There's Still Homeschool on Snow Days


The youngest is working on multiplication. She's doing a great job! Now, she's trying to complete her ice cream sundae so she can have an ice cream party for knowing all of her multiplication in a minute. This is something third graders do at their elementary school and she was bummed to miss out this year. The oldest mini drew her sundae and what she needed to do/learn in order to complete it.

One of the, if not the biggest, benefits of homeschooling is that it can be done at any time, any place, and in any way. I got a surprise day off from daycaring on Friday due to a snowstorm that blew through, but the minis didn't get a day off from learning. They weren't thrilled, but we switched our schedule up so they got to do some fun projects along with their math and reading. 

A blank board for our day. I completely failed to write the daily schedule on the boards for the first time since last March! It worked out because our day was completely switched around!

The oldest began our joint art project. He was meticulous is how he wanted it laid out.

Just as they were finishing up their short school day, their new Harry Potter Legos arrived! They put them all together and played with them for the rest of the day. They chose to play with Legos over sledding late in the afternoon.

The youngest baby, begging for hot chocolate and wanting to be held while I lounged on the couch. I should add he's 80 lbs. and isn't held easily!

Hubs surprised us with cupcakes from Molly's at the end of the day. We did a sampler of all because we couldn't decide on one!

Bed time after a family dinner and viewing of WandaVision. The minis claimed this to be "the best Friday ever." 

We made a deal that we would do Spanish, science, and social studies on Saturday. I took advantage of my day off to relax and catch up on a few must do's. This is the first snow day in recent months that we haven't spent a day outside, enjoying the freshly fallen snow!