Saturday, January 23, 2021

Hey, I Remember What It's Like To Be In Public


Came home from socializing and had a drink. I'm ready for patio season in Iowa again!

I had an eye appointment yesterday afternoon after daycare kids left. Let's recap my life the last (almost) year: homeschool my kids, spend my days with kids, see my husband, have quick exchanges with daycare parents, and then see basically no one else. Our groceries and toiletries are delivered or picked up curb side, take out from restaurants rather than dining in, and basically seeing the walls of our house or hiking trails. It's a rare occurance that I have a conversation with people other than those in my bubble. There's been things that I've missed, but overall it hasn't been terrible. We made it through the holidays okay-ish, but with a new love and appreciation for what we have, but can't enjoy right now.

So, back to my eye appointment. I've been putting it off, along with having my hair done and numerous other appointments. But, I masked up, armed myself with hand sanitizer, and went. I arrived at 5:10 p.m. I left the office at 6:45 p.m. My eye appointment was exactly 20 minutes from start to finish. Did I drive around in my car by myself after my appointment? Did I stop for a coffee and sip it? Did I go shopping? I did exactly none of that.

Instead, I sat around my eye doctor's office and talked, and talked, and talked to the office staff (and the doctor herself) until my throat was dry. I laughed, I joked around, I had to stop myself from hugging a complete stranger who I spoke with for 15 minutes about leaving a window open while sleeping. I could have hugged every single person in that office by the time I left. Not only can I still crack a joke and carry on a conversation with complete strangers, but I remembered how fulfilled I can be by people. 

Most of my interactions have been through social media or a computer screen via Zoom, email, messenger, etc. This was truly one of only (maybe) a dozen socializations I've had since last March. I pulled away from the office, on my way home for family dinner, remembering how much I love being around people. Honestly, I haven't been thinking very highly of people after some of the events and comments one sees on the news and social media. I needed the reminder of how decent, fun, and overall good strangers can be. The socialization felt pretty good too.