Saturday, January 30, 2021

Canvas Collab With My Oldest

I'm a dreamer. I always have been, I always will be. I often need to push myself to make my dreams a reality though. This is why I am careful about who I surround myself with. I have people in my life who inspire me, help me push my ideas forward, and let me live out my dreams any way that I can. With a pandemic happening, many of my ideas have to be put on hold. They're what the CDC and WHO would call "high risk" things. However, I'm kept pushing myself and my family to continue "doing" during this time.

For us, this means that while life has slowed down, we find things to do. Projects to do, things to try (this is how my oldest taught himself to snowboard, the middle one learned to cook, and the youngest to become a yoga enthusiast), anything to keep "doing" rather than just being. I feel it needs to be said that simply being is okay too, but one can only be for so long before a lifeless person takes over. My urge to do has taken on new forms the past 10 1/2 months.

The oldest has always been an art lover, but he has a real talent for drawing. He has sketch pads filled with Pokemon characters, he illustrated a book when he was six, and he has all kinds of ideas on what he would like to create. Since September, he's worked on more than just drawing. He's learned to sew, use a pottery wheel, and learned to paper machet. He also has a love for music. He loves to listen to anything and everything, as do I

Thus, came about the idea for our collaborative art drawing. We had one large blank canvas left before our new batch arrived. He had thought about painting the background different colors and having me write our favorite song lyrics on them. We went through many different stages of how this should look, but ultimately, he pulled out his records and drew them. I bought a large amount of new stencils to use for writing the lyrics. Then, the oldest suggested writing the lyrics around on the records and I wound up free-handing the writing. 

I don't have the nicest handwriting, so I was shocked when Max suggested for me to not use the stencils, but it actually turned out really cool. We decide to leave some blank spaces so we could fill in lyrics in the future.

The beginning, me free handing and realizing the pencil shadings rubbed off, and the end product.