Tuesday, December 29, 2020

A Letter To 2021

 Hey 2021! I see you. Are you ready to begin? Will you be mellow or will you be like your predecessor who loves surprises? Much like a lot of people, I'm anxious for you. Mostly because I have no idea what you'll bring. Are you going to have me changing and growing in ways I never really wanted (but apparently needed) or will you bring back our "normal?" I ask you these questions, but I realize I'm the one that will ultimately answer them.

I have a list of goals, but they're cautious goals. You see, 2020 made me put my Top Goals aside and focus on my Someday Goals. Honestly, those maybe goals are probably the best things that have ever happened to me. 2020 made my maybe goals turn into my top goals. That chic really did a number on me. She REALLY sucked in so many ways, but she also gave me gifts I didn't know I needed. 

She gave me time. So much time that I didn't always use wisely (cough *Netflix* cough), but I enjoyed nonetheless. She gave me the ability to stop, she taught me to take deep breaths, and she made 'what in the actual fuck' our family motto. I'm telling you this 2021, because I don't know how you'll be, but I hope you let me continue to hope. I hope to find a new "normal" for us because 2020 made me realize our old "normal" wasn't as perfect as I thought it was.

I have one simple request of you. I want you to let me, give me the ability to, do the things I love. Write every day. Laugh, cry, and love daily. Let me feel all of the emotions. Continue to give me time because it makes me feel like I've been able to press pause on life and be present for every moment. Let me find adventure and explore. Let me be so tired that my legs ache at the end of a day. Let me continue to rest. Like I said, cautious, big life goals, but not specific. 2020 let me achieve the big life goals by taking away the specific goals I had in mind. I'm definitely not saying you have to go about it in the same way. Not to gossip, but I mean, a pandemic to get me to cook, do a puzzle, and learn tons of new things was a bit much, don't ya think?

While I have hope for you 2021, I'm not buying you your own planner or calendar. I don't want to jinx you too much. I'm not quite ready to let go of my obligation free time.

So, anyways, I'll let you go. I really just wanted to check in, make sure you were ready with good ju-ju to put out into the universe. There's an entire world waiting for you with fingers crossed that you will let us spend time with friends and family yet again. I get that you won't be a totally normal year, but if you could bring back some good stuff, it wouln't hurt. We don't want you to get the rap that 2020 has, right? We'll see you at midnight with pajamas and kids that probably shouldn't be up that late.


I Really Want To Take A Vacation Again Me

P.S. It would be geat if you could keep sweatpants cool. Suddenly, everyone is realizing how my every day work attire (aka: sweatpants, tees, sweatshirts, and slip on shoes) is the fashion trend, which means for the first time since I was 22, I'm fashionable.