Sunday, September 29, 2013

Let's Hear It For the Weekend

Since I'm home all day during the week with the kids, it's no secret I LOVE weekends and getting out of the house. Despite that, Saturday was spent relaxing at home while Matt worked.

Looking for a snack perfect for football season, try this: waffle fries, bacon, and cheese.

We did manage to get out of the house Saturday evening to attend a little friend's birthday party at the kid's favorite park Raccoon River. The kids had a blast eating pizza and cake and running around. They were pretty proud of themselves for climbing the rope tower at the park-something they couldn't do this past summer. Of course, no visit to the park would be complete without some sort of injury, or rope burn, in Max's case.

Climbing the rope tower at Raccoon River Park. They were so proud of themselves for climbing halfway up with no help: they weren't able to do this in July!
Elizabeth had to get in on "climbing" too!

We capped the night off with a trip to Target to get the ingredients for our new Sunday chili recipe and followed it up with an early night in bed for all of us.

Our early bedtimes paid off when we woke up refreshed on Sunday! It was quite chilly in the morning so we lounged around waiting for it to warm up a bit and got a later than usual start. We made our way up to Ledges State Park on this gorgeous fall day. The way up brought sights of golden colors. A couple more weeks and we'll be ready for our fall color hike and collecting leaves for collages. Love this time of year!

We started our time at Ledges with a picnic lunch, apples, and cookies. We got to use our new picnic ware my mother in law got at Ikea. Absolutely perfect!

We took a drive down Canyon Road and got out to explore. This is one of many hikes for the day. Elizabeth tried her hardest to keep up!

Max walking across the rocks. This ended a while later when he happily waded into the water and got completely soaked.

Exploring the creek. The kids loved walking along the water, throwing rocks in, and even tried to catch the tadpoles!

Elizabeth loved running through the open field and hiking! She tries so hard to keep up with her big brother's!

Welcome to the steepest hike we've ever taken. This was quite the work out/energy waster, but we all had a great time! Going down was rather nerve raking for this mama, but it turned out just fine. We will definitely be doing this hike again. Even Miss E loved walking up the steps.

Bup DID NOT want to go in the water!

So she sat with daddy on the rock and watched!

Running through the water and getting soaked.
 My happy girl

I'm just in love with this picture. We're trying, unsuccessfully, to catch tadpoles with our hands. Harrison was very worried on of them were going to bite his feet because of how quickly they swam when he ran into the water.

Our last run through the water before we left. Leaving took a while because all of the kids needed wiped down and new sets of clothes. Our ride home was spent with one napping girl and two wound up boys, so when we got home we went right outside to do haircuts.
Max is pretty proud of his haircut!

Elizabeth offered her support from the window.

Our new chili recipe for the week: Beefy Corn and Black Bean chili. It was delicious and the kids loved it! Looks like it's a keeper.

There's another crossed off of the Fall Fun To Do List!! Having a fun fall and keeping busy! Next weekend we're looking forward to the Pumpkin Express, family coming into town (which equates to good times!), shopping, and a trip to the zoo! !