Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Sibling Love

I spent my Tuesday night going through our pictures from the last three and half years. Pictures of my children together make my heart melt. There is a feeling I can't even begin to describe to people that I get when watching my kids together, playing, hugging, fighting, hitting, and laughing. Having them close in age has given me MANY gray hairs, but it has given my children something more important: friendship and bonds that I am continually amazed at.

I have been amazed and in awe of the bonds of sibling since I've had mine so close together. When I had Harrison, Max was two and could have cared less about his baby brother. It was only when Harrison learned to crawl at 4 months old (yes, no joke. That is not a typo) and grab Max's toys that Max started paying attention to him. Even then, it was more in protection of his toys. It wasn't until Harrison got a bit older and the two shared a room that right before my eyes, two friends emerged.

Having Elizabeth brought the boys even closer. They were so excited to welcome their little sister into our family. I think the boys would agree with me when I say Elizabeth seemed to be our missing link and brought not just the boys, but the five of us closer together. It is unbelievable to see the bond these three minis have with each other: Max and Harrison are buddies, Harrison and Elizabeth are playmates, Max is Elizabeth's protector, and Elizabeth looks up to her big brother Max like no one else. Irreplaceable indeed.

 Big bro and little bro watching tv together.
This is at Harrison's 1 year doctor's visit and Max's 3 year. Max brought along his doctor kit to help "Harrison feel better" about seeing the doctor.
Walking around Wal-Mart, hand in hand.
This is my favorite picture ever: this picture captures how enamored Max was with his baby sister right from the start. He was AMAZING with her when she was an infant. I hope one day she realizes how lucky she is to be loved so much.
Max was sure to check out her fingers, toes, and eyes when he first met her. He was very concerned about how she was growing my entire pregnancy and constantly asked me if I was "growing her fingers and toes good?" 
Harrison loves Elizabeth too.....but mostly because Max showed him how to be an awesome big brother. Max did not, however, show him baby holding skills.
Harrison taking a minute to examine his baby sister. She gave her first smiles to her big brother's.

So very typical: H is off causing trouble (in this case, biting the pool), Elizabeth keeps her eyes on Harrison, while Max keeps his eyes (and hands) on Elizabeth.
During pudding painting, the kids weren't sure about taking my word that they could eat it. So they had Max try it first.