Sunday, October 27, 2013

Week in Review: October 21 - October 24

This was a short "work" week with some short days which means I was still in the groove and being productive at the end of the week! Despite it being a short week, we were extra busy with the boy's school activities, projects, friends, and such. Besides the typical block building, restaurant playing, musical instruments, doll cuddling, and incredible imaginations, here's what the kiddos kept busy with:

Halloween stamps.
Practicing her balancing skills....
The boys built a superhero fort out of the alphabet blocks.

My day wouldn't be complete without at least a dozen one year old tantrums. Here's little Miss E screaming at me (for telling her no) and gently laying herself down on the floor so she can kick, roll around, and scream. When she realizes I'm no longer watching her, she stands up, stomps her feet, yells "mama!" and comes to find me....only to start up her tantrum again. We've already begun the "cooling off" in her crib routine. Things are getting interesting....
Frankenstein's Snack: green jello with gummy worms in it.
Leaf collages.
Pumpkin bowling was a hit!
Dyed rice drying out for the kid's fall sensory bin.
Decorating Halloween cookies. Elizabeth did a great job at using her little "knife" to frost the cookies.
I never tried any, but the kids informed me they were delicious!
Max browsing Amazon for things he wants on his Christmas list.
The finished Christmas list. Max and Harrison wrote this together with ideas for the three of them because "we share all of our toys mom, so we only need one list." Love them and their love for each other.
We took a walk down the street to see the construction work going on in our neighbor's front yard.
The kids colored leaves (drawn and cut out by yours truly).
Halloween color book pages (found in the Dollar Section at Target).