Sunday, October 27, 2013

Last Weekend In October

We rang in the last few days in October with a three day weekend that started with our Friday Family Fun road trip, a little bit of illness in the middle, and ended with a day of pumpkin carving, soup making, cookie and cake baking, dinner guests, and breathing treatments. As always, we know how to do things up big here:

Bup got her first nebulizer treatment Saturday morning. She was not too happy with it, but it does seem to be helping. We seem to be welcoming in cold and flu season with open arms here.
Now THIS is how to play with Legos!
Matt and I's Saturday evening/night plans got cancelled due to the sick minis. Bummer for us, but new jammies made it an exciting night for the boys. I love how it's the simplest things that make kids happy!
Aunt Cindi came for a visit Sunday morning and gave the kids Halloween goody bags!

Their favorite goody: these glasses!
Bup put all of the flavored tootsies in her stroller and pushed them around! She also sent them down the racetrack and then clapped for herself.
Thing 1 and Thing 2 made themselves a "slumber party" in the middle of the play area in the middle of the afternoon.
Carving pumpkins. The boys have waited for weeks for this!

Arm deep in our big pumpkin.
H with his spider pumpkin. 
Our big pumpkin with the "somewhat scary face" Max requested (Harrison told us "not to make it too scary for me").
Our family pumpkin carver!
We had Matt's parents over for dinner and dessert Sunday evening. They got to partake in our weekly new soup/chili recipe tasting and try out the crock pot chocolate cake. Deliciously rich dinner that we're still full from!
Ending the weekend with kids in bed and baking pumpkin seeds.

All in all not a bad weekend, although I could (always) do without the sick minis. This week is another short week but one that includes a "laid back Monday" with a movie and popcorn, the last of our Halloween crafts, foam stickers, mini Halloween party, and this will be the perfect week to break out the dress up costumes for the kids!