Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Sunday, Monday, Now it's Tuesday

My Tuesday morning went something like this: 6:25 am oldest child wakes up coughing his head off. Get him medicine, water, and settled back into bed (he had been up numerous times in the night and was still completely exhausted). Just as I get him settled down, middle child wakes up crying from being woken up by big brother . Get him water, his favorite fleece blanket, and a book to flip through to keep him calm and quiet. Head back to bed only to hear my youngest crying for milk. Get her milk, change her diaper, and then crawl back into my bed......just as my alarm goes off at 7:00 am. Such disappointment.

Despite a rough start to the day and the oldest staying home from school due to his cough, we did manage some fun in between long naps.

We started our day with homemade pancake cut outs.
The boys playing "school library."
Ghost cookie cutter painting
The kids were extremely happy when the UPS truck brought their newest daycare activity: a foam balance beam.
The other kids liked trying to walk across the foam, Elizabeth liked stepping on it and jumping off!
"Look mom, it's bigger than my head!" said small-headed Harrison. I had the boys help me with afternoon chores: Max unloaded the dishwasher while Harrison took stuff to recycling and the trash can. He collected this leaf (and a few others) while taking an empty milk carton to recycling.
The Pumpkin Pie Spice Paint was a hit! The paper pumpkins still smell like pumpkin too! This has been the best paint I've mixed so far!