Saturday, October 12, 2013

Week In Review October 7 - October 11

What a week it has been! Fairly typical week around here--thank goodness! The kids have spent a lot of time building with foam blocks, playing school, and wrestling. They have had no interest in any of my planned activities or projects. Slightly dull week for me, but I'll do anything for happy kids so I'm just fine with how the week played out. Here are some highlights from our week:

Leaf painting 
I opened up the tiny draw on our side table and discover Harrison's "hidden treasures" which include: a foam grow snack from this summer, a non-working flashlight, a block, Elizabeth's music book, bracelets, change, coasters, bells from the instruments, and an Oreo.
Our cookie cutter pumpkin.
Finger painting with condensed milk. Sticky, messy, colorful fun. Only recommended if you're prepared to bath your child immediately after. I had to soak clothes too in order for the stickiness to wash out. The pictures turned out cool though!
Playing restaurant
Fall necklaces. I found these at Michael's for $1.00 per pack. They were a bit difficult for the kids as the holes to string them weren't very big, but the kids managed.
The kids colored wooden pumpkins (found at Michael's for .29 cents each).
Elizabeth LOVES painting and coloring!
Painting with apples--which turned into finger painting for some of the kids.
Water color paints.
The latest book order purchase arrived!
A few goodies for our Saturday, We will be spending the day making soup, doing the crafts from Target dollar section, reading Halloween books, and watching Hocus Pocus! Perfect ending to our week!