Thursday, October 10, 2013

Cookie Cutter Pumpkin

Oh what a day Wednesday was. School for the boys, a teething Elizabeth, and daycare kids who want nothing to do with any activities this week. The kids have spent almost all of this week playing with blocks. I'm surprised because these are kids who LOVE to paint, color and explore, but I can't complain too much because it's not like they're parked in front of the TV. They're actually doing a great job of sharing and getting better about using words with each other which is something we've been working a lot on in the past month. So overall I'm pretty pleased.

As promised I did do the cookie cutter pumpkin and left it up to the kids if they wanted to watch. Apparently I did it for my own entertainment because no one cared and when I was done, Max asked "so, now what???"

The cookie cutter pumpkin was fairly easy and not incredibly time consuming-about an hour with A LOT of interruptions. I dug out Max's hammer from his Lowe's Build n' Grow days (anyone with a little boy, I highly recommend looking up these Saturday morning workshops) and went to pounding the cookie cutters in. The only downside to this was it bent the cookie cutters pretty good (I was able to bend them back) but they were a cheap bucket of cookie cutters from Walmart so I shouldn't have been surprised.

After we were done with our cookie cutter pumpkin, I let the kids play with the "pumpkin guts." The boys managed to make a game of restaurant out of it. The kids thought it looked like shredded cheese.

Three pumpkins left to carve!! What will we think of next????