Sunday, October 20, 2013

Wonderous Wednesday, Thrilling Thursday, Fabulous Friday

I knew it would happen eventually-life gets too busy and I forget to keep track of what the kids did throughout the week. Lucky for me I had already blogged two days, so that only leaves Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. So.....yea, from what I remember the kids played on the new foam balance beam in the living room. They LOVED it and eventually got the hang of taking turns. I'm hopeful this activity will be useful when we're trapped inside all winter long. Here are a few other things that I captured with the camera:

 The kids colored  these pumpkins that were hand drawn and cut out by yours truly.

Elizabeth REALLY wanted a bite of Max's mac and cheese (leftover from the kid's lunch).
Such a great big brother!
We took the grow snake out of the water and I had the kids draw pictures of how the snake looked now. They were very disappointed it did not smell more like pumpkin spice.
Halloween foam stickers from Dollar Tree 
Max "journaling." I am so proud of his writing, spelling, and reading! My favorite is how he reads Elizabeth her books.
Typical for our house: the love seat is overcome by clean laundry that needs to be put away and Harrison tried to move it out of the way so he could lay down. 

Next week the kids will be going on a leaf hunt around the yard and making collages with what they gather, more foam crafts, coloring, Music Monday, and decorating Halloween cookies.