Sunday, October 20, 2013

Family Photos Weekend

The big "Family Photos Weekend" was Saturday and I'm very pleased to report it was a success! The kids were more cooperative than they've been in their life! It helped that our photographer was awesome (check out her site: ) and picked a spot that the kids loved. I can't wait to see the photos!

The kids loved the photo site so much that we had to go back Sunday morning and explore! It was the perfect place for our leaf hunt. The kids have been waiting all fall for the trees to turn so they could find colorful leaves. Another successful adventure!

We strolled the trail by the Urbandale Library-gorgeous and perfect spot for our leaf hunt! Max was so into it and is looking forward to making collages with his "awesome finds."

We made our way to Walker-Johnson Park and played.

"Look mom, we can be statues too!" 

We capped off our weekend with a trip to Living History Farms for the Halloween Spook On event:
My little superheroes.

Super Girl making a run for it!

Roasting marshmallows.
Pumpkin bowling. I was rather bummed they were doing pumpkin bowling with basketballs, but whatever. I've got an idea for next year at least for our daycare Halloween party.

The rest of the weekend was filled with our typical weekend errands, shopping, lots of laundry, dinner at Ted's Coney Island (which was the most challenging part of the weekend!), Sunday morning cartoons, yard work, and had our favorite soup for our Soup/Chili of the Week!
Hard at work with the leaf blower....or something like that.
Matt was not amused by this picture since it showed him just how many leaves have yet to fall....from only one of our three huge trees.
Max watching Tom and Jerry for the first time--true weekend morning cartoons.

This week will be a short, but eventful week that will end with a family road trip to the Grotto. Bring it on!