Saturday, October 5, 2013

Week In Review : September 30 - October 4

We began our week with a birthday celebration for one of our little daycare friends. Here's a tip: chocolate cupcakes with lots of chocolate frosting makes BIG messes, but are oh so yummy!

There was lots of coloring, painting, and creating happening this week. The kids particularly enjoyed building with Legos and building towers, castles, and houses with the foam blocks (we have a bag of Imaginarium brand foam blocks I bought at Toys R Us a year ago for $15). I love to see the kids using their imaginations and creating their masterpieces with the Lego Duplos and blocks. I especially love to see the kids making progress on their fine motor skills in a matter of days. "Learning through supervised play" should be our new motto around here!

Here are some highlights from our week:

The kids loved coloring these wooden dinosaurs. I found these at Dollar Tree in a pack of 10
The kids finished up the pack of coloring stickers I found in the Halloween section at Target. 
"Ready, set, go!" and the mower races began....for 40+ minutes.
Harrison showing the other kids how to do a headstand. I'm just happy he didn't snap his neck...and that none of the other kids felt the need to try this trick too!
Playing in the Pumpkin Flour Sand. I added cookie cutters and scoops and had them play in it two kids at a time. I like to think I'm teaching them to take turns and patience, but I'm pretty sure the kids think it's torture. This can get quite messy, but it washes out of everything easily since it's just flour and oil.
Wednesday our neighbor had his driveway re-poured. Which meant ll day entertainment for the kids and an easy day for me!
Harrison playing duck with his duck face. 
With big brother Max gone at school all day, Elizabeth chooses to give a hard time to her other brother. This is right before she had Harrison reduced to tears trying to grab his blanket away, shouting "no, mine!" at him.
Our Friday project was almost a Pinterest fail, but it wound up great! I mixed condensed milk, food coloring, and spices (red-cinnamon, green-apple, orange-pumpkin) for some finger paints but it was much too runny. I added baking powder to help thicken it up, but it was still pretty runny. The kids enjoyed painting with it (could have cared less about the smells though!), yet I wasn't a big fan of how it looked on paper. It took almost 12 hours to dry but when it did it still looked wet, but glossy. I failed to get a final picture of the kid's works, but I recommend trying this with the kids.

Next week, the kids will be doing coloring more wooden shapes, Halloween and fall foam shapes and stickers, leaf painting and more!