Sunday, October 6, 2013

Fabulous Fall Weekend

What a fantastic and fabulously fun fall weekend! I feel fairly accomplished this weekend as I got things crossed off the to do list I've needed to do and managed to throw in some fun with the kiddos too!

We made it out of the house by 8:32 am (some kind of record for us I swear) and had a beautiful drive up to Boone for our ride on the Pumpkin Express!

Elizabeth wasn't sure what to think. It wound up being a tad too much sitting for her, but there was no screaming or tantrums so that's always a plus.

Harrison checking out the view as we got ready to cross the bridge.
Just one of our many gorgeous views from the train. This will be absolutely gorgeous in a couple of weeks with fall colors sure to be touching the trees!
Harrison was mad we told him he couldn't climb out the window to get to the "pumpkin patch" first.
Picking out their rather large pumpkins.
He can barely hold it!

Only my kids would want to look down the scarecrows pants and punch him saying "c'mon! Fight me back!" I rushed them back on the train at this point....

The ride back was too boring for the kids, so they played a game with their suckers the conductor handed out. Hey, whatever keeps them happy!
One would think after two hours on a train, holding pumpkins, lunch, driving through Ledges State Park, and an hour drive home my children would be tired. But no. We got home and had races through the front yard, built with sticks, and went on a leaf hunt. Wasn't a big surprise that all of the kids were in bed by 6 p.m.
We took some time to decorate for Halloween. My mom gave the kids these Frankenstein lights which the kids have ooh-ed and aahh-ed at all weekend.

We had made plans to go to the zoo or the science center but the kids had other plans. The boys informed me they didn't want "an adventure on Sunday" so we had a quiet day at home.....well, as quiet as this house gets. We did manage to go to Burlington Coat Factory and scored some great deals. Most of the day was spent making our bedroom into a giant fort (no picture was taken because of the amount of clothes on the floor) and building Lego guns (no idea where Max got this but I applaud the creativity of it).
After sleeping in until 9 am, Elizabeth was ready to....color. This is her favorite activity lately. This morning, she and Max colored a picture together. Have I mentioned he is a fantastic big brother!!??!!
This is what cuddling in bed looks like at our house.....boys!!

We got out of the house a bit and went to Burlington Coat Factory to check out winter coats. I am so glad we did! I hardly ever go there, but I scored these OshKosh coats and snow pants for the boys. They didn't have anything cute for girls, but I'm really happy about these coats. We saved tons of money and got great coats and snow pants. Now to find decently priced boots and my kids will be all set for snow and sledding-something they have both been talking about lately.
Yep, totally found and bought Muppets sippy cups!! There's enough kids around here that I know they'll get used and I just couldn't pass them up at only $1.99 a piece. I also scored Gymboree tights and leggings for Miss E for only $2 a piece. Like I said, successful trip to Burlington Coat Factory.
The minis needed a snack after shopping. I told Harrison "no" about something so of course that equates to 20 minutes of crying. Life with toddlers.
Our chili recipe of the week: chili three way, created by none other than my hubs.
Delicious and kid approved!

Now good folks, I leave you with this: it seems the comic strip Baby Blues has summed up the reason I live off of caffeine: