Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Leaf Collages

My boys have looked forward to making their leaf collages all fall. They've not so patiently waited for the trees to turn colors and Sunday morning we finally got to go on our leaf hunt. The three minis collected leaves of all colors, twigs, bark, grass, and anything else they could find (including a piece of mashed cupcake from the park) on our walk along the bike trail in Urbandale. Today, the kids were finally able to their leaf collages.

I cut clear contact paper to size, let the kids stick all of the fall goodies on, and stick another piece to the back. Contact paper is extra sticky and as long as there are no leaves or anything too close to the edge, it keeps everything is place nicely and looks great! I like to use the contact paper because it's safe for all of the different ages I have.

This is the third year I have done these leaf collages with the kids and they are a hit each year!