Friday, September 27, 2013

Week In Review September 23 - September 27

I totally ran out of time to do a mid-week update and I carry no confidence that I'll remember everything from this past week. We've been keeping busy enjoying the fall weather and doing our fall activities. We've concentrated a lot on sharing, using words, and being mindful of others....or as mindful as two and three year olds can be! Here are some highlights from the week:

Apple painting with red Crayola paint is a HUGE mess for a 15 month old!
Monday night was family night: we had our fave chicken and dirty rice for dinner, treated the kids to Cherry Berry, and a trip to Target for goodies. Elizabeth loved the ice cream!
Max felt the need to try LOTS on his ice cream....and ate a total of 6 small bites.
Harrison found something he wanted at Target (he did not get it....this trip at least)!
Airplane daddy!
Max and Elizabeth coloring in their new color books.
Apple painting with the apple paints.
Stickers are a huge hit here with the kids, so I was super excited to find these at Target. Only $3 and the kids loved coloring in their stickers. I had them use oil pastels on them instead of the markers it came with because I've learned the hard way that those are not washable markers.
Frosted pumpkin muffins.
The kids painted apple shapes with the apple paint.
It's been a gorgeous week here so that means lots of outside time for the kids! Max talked Harrison into pushing him in the baby swing....that he's about 20 lbs too big for!
Science experiment of the week: Yellow water containing baking soda and vinegar dyed red. Mix them together and you get....
"It's orange! And it fizzes!" said Harrison.
My three crazy minis. Love them!!
My fantastic finds at Dollar Tree: lots of foam shapes and stickers for both Halloween and Christmas, stickers, bath crayons, grow animal, and packs of wooden shapes for the kids to color and paint. I also stocked up on Christmas wrapping paper and stocking stuffers. They had some good stuff this week!
Leaf imprints using Crayola model magic. Turned out pretty well and the kids enjoyed doing them.
Stickers and foam shapes are easy entertainment for the kids. . 
Halloween stamps. The kids enjoy these but it can get messy with the ink pad. Requires helps and constant supervision but the kids had fun doing the stampers.