Wednesday, September 4, 2013

On the Mend???

We were quite hopeful that the two minis (Max and Elizabeth) were on the mend, but 8:00 tonight found us dealing with vomit and a very upset little girl. However, the rest of the day went off without a hitch. After sleeping in, a good breakfast, lazy morning, and some activities, Max is doing much better and will be able to got to school tomorrow. That is music to this mommy's ears because he begged to go to school today and honestly, I'm not sure I can handle another day of him bouncing around the house asking if we can "build something great in the backyard."

I will be extremely grateful and A LOT less stressed when this illness leaves my baby girl!

Despite the upset tummies, we always manage a little fun no matter what the circumstances:

The boys painting their wooden emergency vehicles while Elizabeth ate breakfast.
Elizabeth needed to paint too!
Painting her vehicle turned into painting herself "peeee" aka pretty.
Harrison dancing and singing in the living room. Thank goodness for one healthy kid!
Max made a tortilla mask "to wear for Halloween." Thankfully I didn't have too much trouble convincing him to eat it because it would go moldy by Halloween.
The kids painted emergency vehicles.
Practicing their writing and cutting skills.
Writing the rules: no pushing, no biting, no slapping, and "no saying damnit!"
Max must be feeling much better because he ate everything we had to eat!! Looks like it's grocery shopping time!
Sick, sleepy baby girl.